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Tips for Choosing Paint Colors For Home

Want to change the atmosphere of the house? One way to change the atmosphere of the home is to replace the paint colors that match your character, but to adjust the overall interior room. Color space plays an important role in the interior of the house, because it is a picture of the character of its owner, gives a certain impression in the room, strengthen and become a unifying whole interior of existing space. So before painting the house and set the home interior decoration, you should understand the meaning and effect of each color.
It is important to choose carefully paint your house. Color can give more than just beauty to your home. A color can have an effect on mood or a person’s mood. Colors are bright and shiny will add to the spirit, while the pastel colors will make the atmosphere calm and relaxed. Some color may appear dark when used on the walls inside the building, but the same color can also be seen light outside the room.
Because fear is not suitable and are considered excessive, most people use neutral colors like white, beige or gray to paint the entire house so as not to describe themselves occupants. Given the importance of color, so if you plan to paint the house with new colors, you’ll want to know the meaning of which is described from a particular color.

Note the picture Color Wheel Color Wheel or on the side, which describes the arrangement of colors. Colors that lie directly opposite positions on the Color Wheel to one another is called complementary colors. If the colors are placed side by side, it will increase the intensity of color or referred to as a bold color.

As for colors more conservative and not a bold color, then choose some variation of light and dark in the same color. For example, choosing dark green and light green. The color type is called a monochromatic color.

Effect of Color Home
Here are details some paint color options and an explanation of meaning and impact for your mood:

Red Color,
Describing full of energy, active, warm and vibrant. Excessive red color to give the impression of anger and ambition.
Yellow colors ,
yellowcolor reminds the sun which gives good energy and spirit.Often equated with gold color depicting prosperity and luxury. Can be applied in the study.
Color Blue,
It is the color of sea and sky that suggests calmness, silence, peace, comfort and protection. Another effect is to give the impression of relief and wide. Suitable for the bedroom.
Color Orange,
Suggests cheerful, warm, happy, full of energy and uplifting. You can give this color to the dining room.
Green Color,
Colors are often seen and described the nature. The effect of this color is to provide an atmosphere harmonious, calm, relaxed, natural, soothing, refreshing and calming. Bedroom suitable when using this color.
Brown Colors,
One of the natural colors that give the impression of a warm, comfortable, natural, intimate and quiet. Can be used for living room or family room. Chocolate can also be used in the room that is too large to avoid the impression of cold.
White Colors,
Neutral colors are properly used with any color. Using this color is generally described cleanliness, innocence and purity. Its use in the room will give a greater impression on the room. When will describe the excessively sterile and cold. If you have a modern kitchen, color is also suitable to indicate the cleanliness of your kitchen.
Gray Colors,
Usually used for home-style minimalism. Creating a stable atmosphere, broad, reassuring. Too much use of these colors will make the atmosphere cool and overly broad.
Black Colors,
The color that gives full protection of the atmosphere, handsome, stately, and elegant.

Change the atmosphere can also be done without having to paint the whole house. You can rearrange the interior space. It is also suitable for you who do not want to paint the house or are afraid of applying color. For example, while still allowing the walls with neutral colors and the colors can be applied on table lamps, carpets, curtains, sofa, bed linen, desk, sofa pillow cushion covers, or in a display that is placed in the room. The colors of this furniture which in turn will give color to the room.

You can also use derivatives so that the color can be applied to more than one color in the room. The color space can also vary but there must be a liaison so that the house still feels as a whole. Now, you can express yourself freely while doing renovations to your home.


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